Who We Are

The first Baptist service took place in the old Nairn Community Centre in 1989. Services were started by 12 members of Inverness Baptist Church (then known as Castle Street Baptist Church) who lived within or close to Nairn. In May 1992 Nairn Baptist Church was officially commissioned by the Baptist Union of Scotland. In our 28 years we've been led by four pastors; Rev. Scott McIntosh, Rev. George Ayoma, Rev. Tim Power and Rev. Dr Philip Egglestone who retired on May 26th 2019.

Having met in the old community centre for many years, we have been  in the Nairn Community and Arts Centre since it was completed in 2008. Our young church has seen nearly 100 young people come through its ministry and seeks to serve God in supporting those who attend in their faith and be a strong and caring Christian witness in our town. Our congregation spans generations and has individuals from all walks of life attending as we look to God and the Bible to guide us.  

Worship at our church reflects the diversity within our church family. Our praise band leads worship with both traditional hymns and modern praise songs. 

Within our services we spend time worshiping the living God as a whole church family before our children and young people are welcome to go to Sunday school groups designed for different ages.

Anniversary Year and beyond...

We are proud that in 2017 our church family celebrated 25 years of our community. We held events throughout the year on the theme of our anniversary, the 23rd Psalm.

Early in the year, we set up an art competition for local Primary schools where children were asked to design a picture of anything from the Bible. We were amazed and overjoyed to receive around 700 pictures! A member of the local Arts society chose the 10 winners with cards being created from those top 10 designs and each child receiving a prize. Our Creativity Exhibition(see below) was held in April and we put on a concert in May - including our music group and other talent connected to the church. £1000 was raised which went to support a fund connected to the local hospital. In addition, from afternoon teas on a farm to designing a local walks leaflet, our year celebrated the creativity and community that we share as a church.  

Later in the year, a group in the church produced a book to celebrate the past 25 years and to look forward into the future. With contributions from members, both past and present, Watermarks  became an anthology of the people that make our church what it is.

Earlier in the year the broad artistic abilites of our congregation were displayed in an exhibition of work around the 23rd Psalm. You can see some images of the event and of the original works below.



Missionary Contacts

It was great to meet our French Missionary, Christine, early in the year and to hear about her work on the outskirts of Paris. In the year, we also heard from speakers from Asia Link and TEAR Fund. We are indeed all so different in our talents and interests.


Partnering for Youth Work

In addition to our ongoing contact with Primary schools and Nairn Academy, we joined with other churches to host, feed and support the Youth For Christ Touring Team who held a mission in the school. 

Have a listen to one of their great songs


Inter-church contact and work

We really want to take every opportunity to share our Christian walk and life with others and we have also felt very blessed as other churches have helped us.

At Easter time, we joined with a number of other local churches as part of our shared Easter programme.

We were able to benefit from being at the URC church for a number of evenings  doing a special study on sharing our faith.

In this year's unique Remembrance Day event, we joined with the whole town in the community event celebrating 100 years since the end of the First World War.

We are so grateful to the Free church for allowing us to use their building for our Christmas Day service which was a wonderful celebration for us at the end of this year.