Church Groups

At the church, we believe that our life as a fellowship is not just on a Sunday and so we have a number of groups that meet through the week or at different times and we would be delighted to welcome you to one of these groups.

In addition to the opportunities for Bible study and prayer, we have a regular BOOK GROUP which meets once per month and we have a number who meet up to knit and engage in craft activities.

There are also a number who are part of other groups for fun or exercise and so we can let you know about our variety of interests when you come along to be with us.

Weekly Groups

Wednesday Daytime Bible Study


 This group generally meets at the home of Hector and Yvonne from 11.30am to 1pm and the focus is Bible study. If you are free during the day, this could be the group for you. Speak to Yvonne at church or use the contact us section of our home page.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study


This group meets in the Achareidh area of Nairn from 7.30pm and focuses on Bible study and discussion in an informal way. If this is an evening when you are free and would like to join this group, speak to Andrew Ross at church or use the contact us section of our home page.